Violation Report Policy

Dear Customers / Non Customers,

Corvus Wearlab applies rules to not allow the sale of products that are contrary to copyright law. Violations of this rule will have an impact on the removal of products and permanent user closure.

As a provider of User Generated Content based platforms, we recognize that this rule will not be enforced one hundred percent perfect in real time, therefore we provide service contacts on the "Contact Us" page that can be used by Customers / Non Customers to contact us if we find products that violate the rules. If you encounter copyright infringement, we provide the following reporting rules:

Contact Us On Service Contact: +6282 1111 00 686 (Call / Whatsapp / SMS) or (cc: with Subject VR / Violation Report.

We will receive your reporting with complete reporter data (Name, Company, Position, Email & Phone Number).

We will conduct an investigation, if proven, we will take action against the user by deactivating the product & store.

We will provide a follow-up report to you for the results of the prosecution, to be able to review the existence of the product / store user

We hope not to abuse the rules, which will result in the closure of the reporting account that commits an act of abuse.

The decision on product deletion and store closure was entirely with Corvus Wearlab.

We believe that the steps we take will make Corvus Wearlab more accessible to all visitors from all walks of life and ages, and will encourage and protect the growth of individuals and small-medium entrepreneurs to sell online.

With all humility, we thank you for your understanding and support of Corvus Wearlab, and hopefully we can continue to improve and become a safe and convenient online transaction facility.

Corvus Wearlab